Planning Ahead – before the time comes

The loss of a beloved pet is always a devastating and expensive time.

We offer a planning service to help you prepare in advance, making the time of passing much less stressful for you.

If you would like to use this service please get in touch to arrange a time to come and sit down with us to talk through your options, as these decisions are a lot easier to make when you’re not grief stricken.

You can pay much or as little as you like in advance to ensure that your pet has the cremation they deserve.

Our reception area

Collection Service – From your home or vet 

We will go out for your pet when we are instructed to collect them from your home or veterinary surgery. We will normally collect your pet the same working day depending on what time we are contacted.

We do not transport pets using plastic bags.  Instead they are laid peacefully in one of our Pet Beds.

We promise they will be handled with the respect they deserve and transported to the crematorium.

Your pet’s ashes can be collected from us or returned to your home, normally within two days.

We want to help you arrange your pet’s final journey and honour their memory. Just contact us to make the final arrangements.

Our pet carrier

Farewell Room – Say goodbye in private 

Should you wish to bring your pet to the crematorium – or alternatively we can collect them and you can travel separately – our farewell room offers a quiet peaceful setting where owners and their families can spend time reflecting on their pet’s life.

It offers the chance to say your final goodbyes in privacy – away from the clinical settings of the vet’s surgery.

Owners and their families can spend as much time as they wish with their pet, undisturbed.

Owners can also listen to their own choice of music, if desired.

Our farewell room

Individual Cremation – 100% your pets ashes only

We cremate all pets individually on our own premises, as soon as possible.  We do not send any pets away to other counties for cremation.

Owners are able to view the start of the cremation process through our viewing window, if they so wish, for peace of mind their pet is being cremated on it’s own.​  We would not recommend this, as this may be the last memory of your pet, however it provides reassurance your pet is being individually cremated.

We carefully place their ashes in a standard scatter tube, or an urn or casket or your choice.  We will have them ready for you to collect, or we will deliver them to you usually within two days, or the same evening if time permits.

Prior to carrying out your pet’s individual cremation we will ask whether you have any special wishes or instructions.

Remembering your pet – memorials and keepsakes

We offer a large selection of memorials and keepsakes to remember your beloved companion.

Our own wall of remembrance features a large carved tree with “leaf” paw prints – bearing your pet’s name.  We also have photographs of all our faithful friends displayed on the memorial walls.

Indoor and outdoor memorials are an alternative to traditional pet urns and caskets, for storing ashes in a modern and subtle way.

They range from a photograph frame, a memory bear, a glass rainbow incorporating ashes, to a pet shaped urn, all of which discreetly hold the ashes of your pet.