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  1. NICOLA LOONEY December 7, 2022 at 7:38 am - Reply

    Ozzy was the love of my life.for almost 18! Years. I was looking at puppies on the internet. He was the biggest pup. I wanted tiny. I wanted a chihuahua for the longest time. I wanted company for Bret who was a lab/collie. Ozzy was some kind of throwback. They called him Beefcake. I didn’t want to travel far. He was in South Wales. One photo was all it took. It was love at first sight. With determination and sheer bloody mindedness I made the long journey. A journey I never regretted for a single second. He was perfect. So gentle with my 3 tiny children. He was like they toys you used to get in the 79s that made grumbly noises when you tipped them up. I’d pet him and he’d make a happy grumbly noise. It amused us for hours. He was bouncy and so much fun. I used to say he was a bag of love. He and Bret got on amazingly. Then Bret passed. I rescued a dog from Yorkshire. Minnie. They loved each other and were inseparable. Minnie was older and passed. Ozzy was never far from my side. He saw me through the worst of times. He got old and passed peacefully at home. I was with him. I stayed up all night. It was the least I could do for my soulmate. He had a lovely respectful send off and was soon back home in pride of place. Where he belongs. Attached is the photo that started a love story.

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