Once again we were badly let down by our vets of many years within the space of 2 months.Since the senior partner left earlier in the year compassion has become an illusion,money has become their god,you are but a number on their accounts.

Sadly everyone of them in the area are in the same club,after requesting a home visit on Friday to end our little cat’s suffering we were told that no one was available and they didn’t do weekend call outs,it would have to be Monday. Anyway our Sam 19 years passed away on Sunday tea time an end to his prolonged pain and suffering which was horrendous.
We received two calls from the vets the first at 11.10 am on Monday when Sam was already at Pets at Peace and then just after 4pm to arrange a visit,Sam had been laid to rest 3hrs earlier
They had walked by us in our hour of need.
Fortunately we knew where we were taking Sam and this helped us immensely.
Sincerity,Compassion,Integrity,I could go on,it is an intimate experience where you can have a dignified farewell in your own personal way to your cherished loved one.The surroundings are tasteful and serene and you are guaranteed that the ashes you receive are the ones of your loved one and not from a production line on an industrial estate.
You would not like your child or parent to be treated this way and yet this is your family,much loved.
Vets make a lot of money from your sorrow and their operation can only be described as a lucrative business in your darkest hour where your beloved pet may have been frozen for days waiting for their next collection and where dignity is consigned to a skip.
Stephen and Jeanne provide a service second to none,it is immediate not days or weeks and(Above) gold standard.
In your darkest days they are the Sun that parts the clouds,and you know that you have given your little one the Best.
Many Many Thanks to You Both.
God Bless.
Alan and Elizabeth Taylorson

Alan & Yvonne Hughes

Our beautiful boy is home 💚 I honestly can’t thank Pets at Peace enough for what they have done for us. Ronnie was treated with so much respect love and dignity. Jeanne and Steve are such lovely people who took the time to sit with us discuss everything and gave us the chance to say our goodbyes in the most beautiful surroundings he looked so peaceful😭. They made an horrific time that little more bareable. Thankyou so so much. Anybody who goes through something similar I would 1000% recommend using their services to put it politely the vets didn’t give a shit I won’t go into details but I’m so much happier with the service we got here 🐾🐕 Ronnie the wanderer is home… 🌈

Danielle Pears

Our lovely Hamish went to sleep on Thursday and was collected by Jeanne and Stephen shortly afterwards. They treated him so well whilst he was in their care and provided such a lovely environment for us to say goodbye to Hamish. When we collected him the next day, as well as the beautiful casket Jeanne and Stephen had also kept paw prints and snippets of fur from Hamish and had gifted us a card, packet of forget-me-nots and a personalised home made candle. From start to finish I could not recommend this service highly enough!

Yvonne Mahaffy, 24.9.21

Some lovely comments received with regards our Orla. Cheers… Appreciated.
As stated I have had dogs for 40 years constantly and Orla was my 7th. The previous 6 were all sent away to be cremated which took over a week of grieving before getting them home. Never liked that bit and knowing what I know not very respectful. Not our Orla…… We now have a fantastic service for pet owners right on our doorstep……
Pets At Peace. A personal cremation service for all us pet owners who want more than what is available elsewhere. We lost Orla on Tuesday night and here on Thursday afternoon I have her ashes home with me. Check them out now before the day you lose your pets and make sure you plan for what YOU want for YOU and THEM. Jeanne and Stephen are very helpful and will give you exactly what you need. They even have a family room for afterwards to visit which is special at that moment for us.
Sounds like an advert I know BUT I just letting you all know that we now have a choice on how our pets are treat at their end…….. And I recommend you check them out.

Charlie McGregor, 23.9

Can’t recommend Pets at Peace highly enough. Losing a pet is the hardest thing 💔 I’ve always struggled with them being sent away for cremation, having them gone for such a long time felt awful.

Our Tink was PTS on the Thursday morning, Pets at Peace were amazing, they quickly went to the vets to collect him. We went to visit him in the afternoon and he was sleeping peacefully on a little bed. We took a while saying our goodbyes, we didn’t feel rushed at all, no one was hovering around trying to hurry us up. His ashes were home the very next day. I can’t put in to words how much comfort that brought us.

Jeanne is lovely, Stephen is wonderful. They’re so caring and sincere. They have something special about them, something that calms you at a time when your world has been turned upside down and your heart has been smashed in to tiny pieces. They’re providing a much needed service for the people and pets of West Cumbria ❤

Ally Chester, 17.9.21

Jeanne and Stephen provided a respectful, compassionate and efficient service. I felt confident that my girl was in good hands. I will continue to use their services when the next sad time comes.

Jane Ward, 16.9.21

Many of you will have got to know our old black dog Keaira over the years. Sadly she died peacefully at the weekend and we dropped her off at Pets at Peace in Whitehaven Saturday evening, she was cremated Sunday morning and ashes back with us by Monday.

Losing a pet is heart wrenching enough but to have a service like this on a bank holiday weekend really was outstanding. Please take a note of the name in case you ever lose a pet as can’t recommend their personal service highly enough.

Charlotte Sievewright

Looking after our beautiful BobDog

Pets at Peace were a godsend to myself and my family when Bob our 13 year old black Labrador died last week.  They came to our house and carefully took him to Pets at Peace. They were so kind and understanding and when that horrible time comes it is nice to know there is a business like this nearby to help you with your sad loss.  Thank you for your help.  I truly mean that from my heart.

Robert Peck

I’d just like say thank you to Jeanne and Steve for making a tragic experience a bit easier to cope with. 

I would recommend them to anyone else who finds themselves in my situation without hesitation. We’re very lucky to have them in west Cumbria.

Will Tillotson

After the sudden and heartbreaking loss of my beautiful big boy Copernicus, Jeanne and Stephen provided us with an amazingly compassionate and caring service that really helped me and my children come to terms with the loss of our beautiful cat. I cannot recommend their service highly enough. They’re much cheaper than using the vet too and they tailor their service to your personal requirements. Their premises are beautiful and peaceful and there is no rush for you to say goodbye. There is a beautiful little scatter jar and a candle and forget me nots so that you can honour the memory of your best friend.
Thank you so much for your patience and time.

Ellie Reid

Jeanne and Stephen of Pets At Peace are a Lovely Couple.  They treated our Rocki with such dignity and compassion today, and us, his family as well.

They really do deserve to thrive with Pets at Peace…If anybody happens to be in any doubt of your pet bereavement and aftercare, then please pay a prior visit and have a chat and tour of these dignified and serene surroundings.

Dot Martin


Jeanne and Stephen treated Holly with the dignity and respect that she deserved. Their attention to detail is fantastic at such a difficult time. Holly is now back home where she belongs

Tracy Cooper

Well what can I say. I’m blessed and humbled at Pets at Peace. They have done my baby proud. My little pups urn and certificate and candle and I will defo be planting my forget-me-nots. Thank you so much for taking special care of my pups baby.

Kerry Ackerley

This is an excellent service that made a very difficult day a little easier.  We were given the time we needed to say goodbye and felt at ease.  Having the ashes back as we requested within 24 hours and presented beautifully made all the difference.  Highly recommend.

Margaret Fowler

Pets at Peace were absolutely brilliant with us for Mitch. They came to pick up from the vets immediately and walked us through the process from the start. I would highly recommend this service for anybody in the unfortunate situation of having their pet PTS. A very caring, sincere and professional service and we can’t thank them enough.

Paul Hanratty

At the upsetting and traumatic time which is the death of a beloved pet – Pets at Peace provide the most wonderful and caring service.  With empathy and attention to detail in a relaxing setting they take time to make sure everything its perfect for the final journey of your pet.  I cannot thank Jeanne enough and I would recommend them to anyone.

Catherine Carr

Jean and Stephen are not only two of the most compassionate people we have have had the pleasure to meet but are true perfectionists,nothing is of any trouble for them,they feel your grief for they have had their own which set them on this enterprise.

The crematorium has been tastefully done and is most serene,if you truly care about your little loved ones and like us will have their ashes scattered with ours in a dignified way,I hope this will give you reassurance.

To Jean and Stephen
We send our Sincere Thanks,for your professionalism,sensitivity and compassion at our saddest of times.  We wish you Both every success.

Alan and Elizabeth Taylorson

Big thank you to these guys. wish you were up and running when my Ellie passed away.Anyone who knows me knows my baby girl meant the world to me.Its been 18mths now since she passed.And was time for a new name plate on her little casket.It was no trouble at all to steve & Jean who provide one for me Thank you again doesnt matter how big or small they are pleased to help you

Christine Bruce

Thank-you so much Jeanne and Stephen from Pets at Peace for this wonderful sevice you provide.

The sympathy and kindness you gave to myself, my wife, our 4 girls and our other dog(Kylo) really put our minds at rest knowing that our Rio was in safe hands and his end of life would be taken care of in a truly dignified manner.

We were all so grateful that you allowed us all to say our final goodbyes in such a personal way.

We are so pleased that you persevered with your dream and got this much required service off the ground.

Thank you so much for providing us with a beautiful urn and personalised candle

Kevin Thompson

Thanks so much Jeanne and Stephen of Pets at Peace you both tended to our Mac beautifully at the end of his life. The service you provide is fantastic.

Tony Tomlinson

Jeanne made the whole experience so much easier and was so comforting for us all during a sad time. She is such a lovely woman and I would recommend her services to anyone who loses a pet. It was so nice to be able to say a proper goodbye to our dog and know we were leaving her with people who actually care.

Katie Rourke

Outstanding service full of compassion and kindness

Thank you Jeanne and Stephen, from Pets at Peace, for your sympathy and kindness during such a heartbreaking time for us as a family.  You went above and beyond for our Stella and we won’t ever forget.  We knew she was in safe hands and you would look after her like your own.

Lesley-Anne Sloan