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  1. Mam and Dad May 22, 2024 at 7:05 pm - Reply

    Rest in peace our gorgeous baby Dave.

    Mums little baby boy and Daddy’s little soldier, your sole mate Annie, your best buddies Monty, Tilly and Freddie are going to miss you very very much, and no doubt will not understand why you left us.

    It’s been an honour and a pleasure having you in our lives, and the fact we got to travel and live in some amazing places, oh we had so much fun didn’t we.

    We will miss your uplers and your hop, skip, and jumps, oh Dave we could go on as we all love you so very very much.

    Our hearts are well and truly broken💔 and don’t think there are any words out there to describe how we are feeling.

    You will never ever be forgotten and you will always be remembered, and thought of every second till we all meet again. You enjoy running through the woods like you used to, and enjoy the beach or even go walking on the moon 🌛 (Our little joke).

    Catch up soon our little man.
    Love always Mum, Dad, Annie Monty, Tilly & Freddie

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