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  1. Amy de Graaf November 11, 2023 at 5:28 am - Reply

    It was a huge shock to the family when it was time for Alfie to cross the rainbow bridge, we knew it was close as the old man was 17 years old, he had an amazing comfortable life, we adopted him when he was 4, he ate better than everyone in the house, his meals would consist of Cumberland sausage, haslot, and steak.
    He absolutely loved his kong toy, the first time he got it, he had it for hours, and you could slowly see him losing his temper with it. He learnt pretty quick that if he took it upstairs, then chucked it downstairs, all the treats would fall out. Clever.
    He would bark at royal mail for a stroke and possible treat when they walked by the garden. He hated cats, he could make them ‘fly’. My mum loves to feed the birds in the garden, alfie would sit with them whilst they ate, any seagulls or predators would be chased away.
    He was a big part of our everyday lives, and we all miss him very much.
    Thank you Jeanne and Stephen for the amazing service, and helping us through this heartbreaking time. You went above and beyond to help us say our final goodbyes. 🩵

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