Independent, family owned pet crematorium

Based in West Cumbria

Thankfully, pet cremation it is not a service you require every day but, unfortunately,
it is a service many pet owners may need at some time.

Most pets have a relatively short life span compared to humans.

It is well researched and documented in psychology papers and journals that the death of a pet,
especially an only dog, can be as devastating as the loss of a human family member.

Pets at Peace is a place where you can say goodbye to your pet, in peaceful surroundings.
Being pet lovers ourselves we understand the loss of a beloved pet is a traumatic experience.

We hope to help you through this sad time by providing a dignified and compassionate service.
We are a small family business and offer the highest standards of individual care and attention.

We cremate all pets in our own premises, usually the same day they are collected.
This will help bereaved pet owners to cope with their grief – and allows them a choice and a local, accessible service, there for when they need it.

Being able to deal with the remains of your pet, in the manner of your choosing,
with dignity and care, greatly helps with the owner’s mental wellbeing and grieving process.

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